Julio Ariza:

Last modification: March 06 , 2023

Julio Ariza is a businessman and politician.

He began his career in the media when he acquired the Intereconomía Group, of which he is currently president.

Political career

He studied law at the University of Navarra and after graduating he moved to Catalonia, where he began his time in the Partido Popular as a member of the regional parliament. He left his post in 1996 when the government pact between José María Aznar and Jordi Pujol was established.

His political career in Catalonia was marked by his defence of bilingualism in the Catalan Parliament and a programme to promote alternatives to abortion.

In the 2019 elections, Julio Ariza occupied the last place on the electoral list that the political party Vox presented in Barcelona for the Congress of Deputies.

Business career

With his move to Madrid, the businessman acquired Intereconomía, a group formed by El Toro TV, the radio stations Radio Intereconomía and Radio Inter and the newspaper La Gaceta, political media.

Subsequently, he obtained the magazine Época, and participated in the founding of Libertad Digital, whose shares he sold in 2005, while launching the Catholic seminary Alba. That same year IntereconomíaTV was born as a generalist channel.

In 2009 the group bought La Gaceta de los Negocios to enter the daily publications sector and acquired Radio Intercontinental.

In 2010 it launched Intereconomía Business TV, a purely economic channel. This new model gave rise to the sports and political analysis programmes El gato al agua and Punto Pelota.

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